Goss Avenue Remodel

For those with short attention spans, let me sum it up here: David and his team are excellent, and you cannot do better. I've done residential and commercial renovation projects with general contractors in other parts of the country. David is head and shoulders the best I have worked with. He is truly one of a kind!

First of all, it is important to note that these were not your run of the mill projects in many ways, but especially because I live several thousand miles from Louisville. The first remodel was a home in the Germantown neighborhood of Louisville. The farmhouse style dwelling had great bones but like most one hundred year old homes, there were a lot of problems, some of which I had a good sense of and some were surprising.

When I first met David Foster on-site, the interior looked like a tornado had spun through it. It would have been easy for him to write me off, especially when I started listing all the changes I wanted to make, including take it down to the studs, replace electrical/water/HVAC, knock down these walls, re-implement the staircase, and so on. But he didn't write me off, and instead was very frank and professional with me.

I had seen some slicker and more buttoned-down presentations from the two other candidate firms I had met with, but David's passion, honestly, and sincerity were clearly authentic. He was very upfront with me about price, timing, risk, and other factors that any good general contractor would be well versed in. He said something during the initial meeting that stuck with me throughout our subsequent projects together. He said "I don't want to play the shell game with you. Life's too short". This sums up David and his team very well. They are going to tell it like it is. They are going to deliver on what they promised and are not going to cut corners. They are fully accountable for their work and take great pride in it.

Throughout the remodels, he did a great job of keeping me in the loop on progress and challenges. He used his camera to help me choose materials and finishes when I couldn't be in town to do it personally. When I realized how great David was at his job and how much he truly cared about the project, I gave him more and more space and autonomy, and I was never disappointed. Of course, the scope of the projects ended up increasing over time, but by and large these were my decisions or changes introduced by me (e.g. fully finishing the basement, which required a complete slab demolition and re-pouring).

Looking back on his estimates, the final billing was either right on par with them or he beat them substantially. He was great at finding creative solutions to complex problems, such as the aforementioned original stairs which just wouldn't work as they were originally implemented. When his original plans didn't quite work out, he often would bridge gaps with his own blood and sweat. He spent nights working on intense carpentry projects, including reusing the original cherry trim and framing and finding opportunities to create stunning built-ins from 2x2 and 2x4 reclaimed from the house's original construction.

In the course of the first remodel, I ended up inheriting a house in nearby Southern Indiana. I decided to keep the house in the family and make it a conventional rental. David was happy to take on the project and stayed below budget while over delivering once again.

He and his team were extremely helpful to our family during a difficult time, and consistently went the extra mile to make sure that we were satisfied. What more can I say? David is a great craftsman, a great project manager, a great communicator, a man of his word, and maintains the highest levels of quality control and pride in work. I can't recommend him highly enough.



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