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Project Description

Kitchen remodel

First floor remodel involving family room, kitchen and dining room to update and unify the space. The orientation of the kitchen flow and work area was altered to allow for more functionality and to ease movement of guests in the space should we wish to entertain.

Previously our family and friends would get 'log jammed' around a right angled bar counter which separated the kitchen from the family room and so the roominess we could have enjoyed was underutilized.

A wall with a small open walk through meant that the dining room was also underutilized and even more cut off from the space.

David Foster's design gave us an elegant, long central island around which people can move and flow. Taking out the wall to the dining room opened this space into the kitchen and using cabinetry from one supplier throughout unified the style from new mantel and bar area in the family room through to the kitchen.

Everything was upgraded!

Plumbing was reoriented so that the ceiling could be a flat smooth sightline from one end of the house to the other. Electric wiring was brought up to current standards. Insulation was added.

Structural issues once discovered were addressed with creative and effective solutions. Ductwork was added to support the airflow needs of the extraction fan over the cooktop.

Cost Details

Permits and Inspections

Jobsite Preparation…Install plastic barrier walls at entries to dining room and kitchen to protect the house from dust during the demo process. Install a negative air machine in the kitchen area to remove dust from the house and create negative pressure within the portions of the home affected by the demolition, protect all the floors in the areas to be demoed with ¼ underlayment

Remove the counter tops, cabinets and drywall from the kitchen area in preparation for electrical and plumbing. Remove the main portion of the drywall ceiling in the living room area to allow for installation of can lights and running of electrical and cable to the fireplace wall.  Remove existing soffit and pantry framing in the kitchen area. Leave the area in a broom clean finish…2) men 3.5 days

Remove a 9 foot section of the wall separating the current dining room and kitchen. Frame in the new opening based on the new kitchen layout. Remove the framed wall separating the basement and garage entry from the living room/ kitchen area. Install cabinet blocking and drywall catches in the kitchen areas needed...2) men 7 days....5,040.00
Materials…Framing lumber, plywood, fasteners, adhesives, insulation ect

Disconnect existing plumbing and reconnect after cabinet and counter top installation. Relocate water supply lines for the 2nd floor bathroom, Run water to refrigerator

Install dedicated circuits to all appliance. Install GFI counter top plugs circuits, Install 22) 4” can lights based on new kitchen and living room floor plan with dimmable switches…Estimated cost 3) crew members 6) days and 2,110.00 in materials

Run new lines for exhausting of the new hood system

Insulate all exterior walls exposed during the remodel process, apply spray foam in the small cavities and fire foam as needed

Install roughly 1,500 sqft of drywall @ 2.75 per sqft

kitchen remodel


Install 70 sqft of hardwood flooring@ 10.00 per sqft in the kitchen and living room area, refinish 756 sqft of hardwood @ 4.50 per sqft with shoe molding stained to match the floor

Install custom wall and base cabinets with built in refrigerator cabinets and built in wall oven cabinets based on the plans

Counter top allowance
76 sqft of granite counter tops. Starting  at 90.00 per sqft and increasing at 10.00 per sqft per grade A thru D and 100.00 per polished opening and 250.00  for custom edge…Quoted at grade B with one polished opening and standard edge

Tile backsplash
Install 30 sqft of tile backsplash@ 20.00 per sqft

Tile allowance
30 sqft @ 20.00 per sqft

Supplied by the client
Lighting allowance 3) 24” LED under cabinet lights @ 148.00 each, 2) 18” LED under cabinet lights @ 128.00 each, 4) Pendant lights 120.00 each., 4) puck lights for bar area @ 60.00 each

Plumbing Fixture allowance
Kitchen faucet 300.00, Disposal 150.00, Sink 400.00

Trim carpentry
Install new base board in the living room and kitchen areas

Trim materials
Casing, Base board, jamb material, fasteners

Apply one coat of primer, caulk and putty all trim and apply two coats of finish paint to the walls, ceiling and trim in the kitchen, dining and living room areas. Materials 18 gallons @ 50.00 Labor 2,760.00

Jobsite cleanup and coordination of subcontractors

Dumpster rentals and debris disposal
2) 16 yard dumpsters @ 389.00 each


Louisville Remodel


Costs Vendor Purchases

Home Depot/Cable wall plates, and fasteners:  42.25
Home Depot/Sanding sponges, rags, cleaner:  25.56
Home Depot/Can light trim rings:  346.83
Sherwin Williams/Wall finish paint:  260.23
Fergusons/Stainless steel sink drains and air gap:  184.66
Home Depot/Handrail brackets, vent pipe,  screws:  74.69
BP/Fuel:  92.02
K and I/Casing, base board and shoe molding:  322.51
Home Depot/wood putty, insulation, spray foam:  41.33
Sherwin Williams/Trays, liners and roller naps:  19.92
Home Depot/Bulbs:  9.48
Home Depot/Primer, handrail brackets, fasteners:  41.46
Home Depot/Oak trim molding:  40.37
Lowes/Scouring pads, 2” lag bolts:  7.38
BP/Fuel:  89.01
Home Depot/Toilet, supply lines and fittings:  298.64
K and I/Grip railing:  128.33
Sherwin Williams/Trim paint:  43.98
Lowes/Disposable brushes and clear silicone:  14.54
Home Depot/12-2 wire:  10.14
Home Depot/Floor vent, dishwasher kit:  34.01
Shell/Fuel:  80.00
Home Depot/Blue tape, grey silicone, sheet metal screws:  25.33
Home Depot/Tung oil, rubber gloves, machine screws:  29.85
Artisan Stone/Quartz counter tops:  6,200.00
H2O Plumbing/Installation on kitchen sink, dishware and refrigerator:  540.00
Best Tile/Back splash installation:  620.00
Integrity Power Solutions/Electrical finishes:  2,700.00

Total for the subcontractors and materials as of 2/21/17/12,322.52

Louisville Remodel  19.5

Total hours from 1/30/16 to 2/21/17
175 Hours @ 45.00



Total invoiced as of 2/21/17
Total client spent as of 2/21/17
Project total as of 2/21/17/
Total of original estimate
Difference of

Total of extras as of 2/21/17
Total of original estimate
Total of original and extras

Purchased by client…
Beto Drywall/1,300.00
Kitchen faucet, backsplash tile, pendants lights and kitchen sink…(pot filler separate 424.38)
1,529.15   (FBC% 298.18……...1,827.33)
Kitchen Cabinets
22,390.00    (FBC% 4,366.05……26,756.05)

Rough in extras: 
Plumbing extras:  1,400.00
Electrical extras:  3,400.00
Material extras:  940.00
Louisville Remodel  19.5%.:  1,119.30
Framing extras…..80.5 Hours @ 45.00…..3,622.50
Total of rough in extras:  10,481.80

Finish extras: 
Railing installation and materials:  775.00
Toilet:  400.00
Tile overage:  400.00
Cabinet overage:  1,890.00
Total of finish extras:  3,465.00

Work Detail

1/30/17…..Laid down drop cloths throughout the project, sanded touch up spots on walls, cut and installed the majority of the base board in the kitchen and living room, fabricated the window jamb and frame, furred out kitchen window to receive jamb and frame, caulked base board after installation, picked up materials, applied the first coat to the ¼ round
Foster 8hrs, Jacob 2hrs
1/31/17…Painted the final coat on the ceilings, sanded and clear coated (times 3) the ¼ round, Installed the remaining base board that could be installed, caulked the inside corners of the ceilings prior to final coat, picked up materials, straightened the garage
Foster 8hrs, Jacob 2.5hrs
2/1/17…Removed all the drop cloths and cleaned kitchen, living room, sanded, puttied and cleaned the base boards and casing prior to application of the finish coats on the trim work, primed touch up spots on all the walls, Set up the jobsite for application of finish coats on the walls and trim, picked up finish paint, cleaned dirty drop cloths in preparation for cabinet guys to use
Foster 6.5hrs, Jacob 3hrs
2/2/17….Oversaw cabinet installation and cleaned up behind the cabinet guys
2/3/17…Sanded and prepped the existing windows and doors, applied the first coat of trim paint the existing trim, cut in the first coat of the dark brown in the living room and kitchen and cleaned up drop clothes for the weekend
Jimbob 5.5hrs
2/6/17…Fished wires for electrical in the cabinets, aligned and cut electrical box holes for the pendant lights, installed the oven and wine cooler, removed the remaining plastic and paper, began installation of casing and base, cleaned up dust and debris….Jacob 2hrs, Foster 9hrs, Jimbob 7.5hrs
2/7/16/17 …Fabricated and installed both sets of railing systems, installed trim for around counter tops in the dining room area, painted hood vent, prepped and applied 3) coats of polyurethane to the ¼ round
Foster 7hrs, Jimbob 7hrs, Jacob 2hrs
2/8/17…Prepped walls after railing install, primed and painted railing and stair trim, prepped and caulked garage door and jamb, installed trim at top of the stairs
Jimbob 7hrs, Foster 7hrs


2/9/17…Cut in the 6) electrical boxes in the cabinets, prepped walls for finish coats, cut in first coats in the living room and dining room
Foster 7.5hrs, Jimbob 7hrs
2/10/17…Prepped and painted trim throughout, painted the light brown in the dining room and foyer, prepped walls, cleaned up behind granite installers
Foster 4hrs,Jimbob 5.5hrs
2/13/17…Painted walls in the living room and kitchen areas
Jimbob 5hrs
2/14/17…Installed dishwasher, cleaned out cabinets, picked up TV mount, installed hood system vent on the exterior
Foster 7.5hrs, Jimbob 6.5hrs
2/15/17….Cut ¼ round, picked up materials for sink plumbing, lined out electricians, ripped and installed furring boards for mounting of the TV, coordinate and assisted the cabinet guys, Cut tiles for around pot filler and secured tile to wall
Foster 8hrs
2/16/17…Finished cutting ¼ round then nailed in and puttied holes, cut in boxes for TV wiring, hung TV and sound bar, cleaned the floor in preparation for hardwood finisher, removed tools, connected hood system, installed pot filler, mounted column cabinets, coordinated the tile installer, electricians and plumber
Foster 8.5hrs, Jimbob 5.5hrs
2/20/17….Flipped the rack hanger system in the wall oven, coordinate and oversee the electricians, tile guy and counter top crews, mud around switches, applied tung oil to the wine cooler shelf fronts, filed and labeled manuals, hung curtain rod, caulked cabinet crown to the cabinets, picked up materials, hauled off tools and cleaned the jobsite, silicone the counter tops, addressed the home owners punch list
Jimbob 6.5hrs, Foster 6.5hrs
2/21/17….Touched up all ceilings, walls and trim throughout the remodeled areas, painted in the foyer, coordinated with the cabinet company, removed tools and cleaned the garage
Jimbob 4hrs, Foster 4hrs


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