Client Testimonial

The entire remodel went incredibly well. I say incredibly because almost everyone you speak to has something negative to say about remodeling so I was mentally prepared for some stress and angst. Our experience was very very positive. Yes there was mess and noise and dust - of course! But at the end of every work day David Foster had his crew clean up and sweep to keep things under control and allow us to walk into the construction zone every evening with our little dog to inspect the progress. David Foster kept me informed proactively of everything that was going on so I never wondered who was going to be in my home and what was happening and when. If I did have a question he was responsive and helpful. Our structural issues once discovered were addressed with compassion and thoughtfulness toward the consternation they would cause. The solution provided did add cost to the project (necessarily!) however they left us with peace of mind and also a beautiful and functional architectural-like feature between family room and kitchen that we really enjoy. When David Foster was able to negotiate a better price than he had estimated for a service or material he passed along the savings to us. We expected the remodel to take a good 12-14 weeks but he was able to finish in under 11!! To sum up I would recommend Louisville Remodel because they are competent, creative, honest, punctual, diligent and inspire absolute confidence.

Description of work:
First floor remodel involving family room, kitchen and dining room to update and unify the space. The orientation of the kitchen flow and work area was altered to allow for more functionality and to ease movement of guests in the space should we wish to entertain. Previously our family and friends would get 'log jammed' around a right angled bar counter which separated the kitchen from the family room and so the roominess we could have enjoyed was underutilized. A wall with a small open walk through meant that the dining room was also underutilized and even more cut off from the space. David Foster's design gave us an elegant long central island around which people can move and flow. Taking out the wall to the dining room opened this space into the kitchen and using cabinetry from one supplier throughout unified the style from new mantel and bar area in the family room through to the kitchen. Everything was upgraded! Plumbing was reoriented so that the ceiling could be a flat smooth sightline from one end of the house to the other. Electric wiring was brought up to current standards. Insulation was added. Structural issues once discovered were addressed with creative and effective solutions. Ductwork was added to support the airflow needs of the extraction fan over the cooktop.

Wickland Remodel

The Wickland Remodel is one of our favorite kitchen and living room remodels and was one of our most cumbersome from start to finish. During this project we removed all the drywall in the kitchen and living room area for running new electrical circuits and can light layout. After the demo process we encountered long list of structural issues due to a previous remodel and also compounded by the standard building practices at the time of the homes construction.  

After addressing all the structural issues we were forced to rework all the plumbing and electrical in that area along with all the plumbing in the ceiling for the two 2nd floor bathrooms. All to meet and or exceed the current building code standards. The existing space consisted of a small L shaped kitchen with a standard doorway opening to the dining room. While on the other side of the kitchen there was a large living room area roughly 32ft -12ft.

The living room area was so large that there was a 10ft- 12ft dead space area between the kitchen and living room. After listening to the clients’ needs and taking into consideration the existing floor plan, I came up with a drawing that both the home owner and interior decorator just loved. The doorway to the dining room was opened up and centered between the walls.

While in the kitchen we removed an old pantry closet to increase the space and to allow for more cabinets. The new kitchen layout consists of two long L shaped cabinet runs on the opposing walls and a 3ft - 10ft island in the center. With enlarging the kitchen the dead space between the kitchen and living room became utilized and created a more comfortable space that the client will enjoy for years to come. This project exemplified our efforts to do things the right way, not the easy way. 



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